Max Delorenzo Junior Stats

Yards  Average  TD's
2153   8 YPC     26

Amazing year. The stats prove it all

Report: 2011 RB-Max Delorenzo- Berlin High School (CT)

Max Delorenzo- With my second running back evaluation, I look at Max Delorenzo. The Berlin Connecticut product is extremely young for his grade, yet on every play, he looks more and more like a D-1 college prospect. With a great sophomore year in which he scored 15 touchdowns, he has received a great amount of interest by prominent college programs. At 6’0” and 197 pounds, Delorenzo does more than just fill a jersey. With every play, he threatens to score a touchdown. Usually getting the ball off pitch plays, Delorenzo has amazing vision. He can either cut inside or try and move to the outside to create some space for himself. For his size he is surprisingly better going down the sidelines than he is moving the ball up the middle. Delorenzo is very agile for a running back that is almost 200 pounds. With a couple pounds of muscle added on, Delorenzo could also be a great break tackler. While he is unable to outrun everyone on the opposing team, breaking through that first line of defense where the lineman and linebackers lurk seems very easy for him because of some great blocking and open cutback lanes. With those open lanes he could possibly pick up a first down on every play. The Verdict: While Max is a gifted player with all the tools necessary to play at a D-1 college, he must work on his breakaway speed before the next level. Balance is also another issue that if Delorenzo can fix, he can be one of the better northeastern backs of the 2011 class.  Adding those dimensions to his game and having a solid year as a senior could result in even greater interest than he has already seen. I would personally like to see him take the ball from a more pro style format to show that he has the vision needed to see over the linemen. Max Delorenzo has unlimited potential and already has most of the tools needed to be an impact running back heading into college.


College Choices: Connecticut, Duke, Syracuse

Grade: B/B+


(ATH)Miles Shuler: Long Beach High School, NJ

For my second athlete installment, I will take a closer look at ATH, Miles Shuler.


Miles attends Long Beach High School in New Jersey, and thrives at both football and track. Coming into his senior season, Miles has created an astounding amount of buzz because of his great junior film, which numerous D-1 programs have gotten a hold of.


I had the privilege of watching his tape. I was taken aback at his ability to make a play out of nothing. Quentin Gause, who I evaluated prior to Miles, uses more of a brute type strength to get past defenders. Miles uses his shiftiness and fluent cutbacks to break through the defense.


His coaches at Long Beach use Miles at the quarterback position because every play starts with him. At first, I underestimated his throwing credentials but I quickly ate my words when I saw the first pass. He possesses a decent arm but uses his speed well while throwing. His passes don’t have much zip but he still has great accuracy with the majority of his throws.


With Shuler's type of speed and playmaking ability, there was no doubt the LBHS coaches would keep his talents restricted to just passing plays. For about 70% of the plays on his tape, Miles was running out of the backfield instead of passing from it.


This proved to be a wise decision because Shuler is as elusive as they come. As he juked and sliced every defender he faced, it became apparent that even the best defenses in the league could only hope to contain him. To add to his lateral quickness, Shuler is also the proud owner of a (4.2) 40 time.


Verdict: With countless offers coming in for Shuler, he will have to start to narrow down his college choices. After attending many junior days already, coaches have had a chance to woo him even before an official visit may be made by the star junior. In the upcoming months, Shuler will have to make some important decisions, but I don’t doubt they’ll be the right ones for him.

Report- 2010 Robert Bolden- St. Mary's HS (MI)

Rated as one of the top 200 players in the 2010 recruiting class, Robert Bolden committed to Penn State University where he looks to take over the quarterback slot for the Nittany Lions.


Bolden could possibly be the perfect anecdote for a PSU offense that needs quite a rebuilding effort after losing impact seniors like Daryll Clark. Built in many ways like Clark, Bolden has an effortless throwing motion and has great velocity on quick passes.


While Bolden is very agile and can effectively throw even as he’s on the run, he has to work on his footwork before becoming a star at the next level. His leg power is another area where he could improve so that he is able to use his whole body to make deeper throws.


One of the most impressive traits Bolden can bring to PSU next year is his vision downfield and his impeccable accuracy. On nearly every play greater than 30 yards, Robert seemed to perfectly place the ball to his wideouts with precision I haven’t seen from many quarterbacks in the class of 2010.


He may not have the strongest arm to make the deeper throws quite yet, but with his superior touch on his passes and his intellect there is definitely a chance for him to become a great quarterback in the Big Ten. With hard work and the willingness to improve, Robert Bolden should become the next great PSU quarterback in very quick time.

Report 2010-Khairi Fortt (LB) Stamford,CT/PSU LOI


Khairi Fortt-


As Penn State’s most celebrated prospect, I will be evaluating exactly what makes Khairi better than the rest of the linebackers in the nation.


From the first play on his game tape, Khairi impressed the most with his burst through the offensive line. He was able to get into the backfield and at the quarterback before he could even look downfield.


The tantalizing combination of quickness and strength helps make almost all of the plays Khairi is in on. Fortt possesses great instinct but in the plays that his instinct is wrong and leaves puts his body one step behind the runner.


This would be an issue for most inside linebackers, but Fortt just turns to another gear and gets right back on the play. Even though his duties at Penn State through the years will be mostly as in blitz package because of his superior play, he possesses the uncanny ability as an ILB to cover tight ends around the field and clog up the middle of the field for slot receivers.


In the very conservative play of the Big Ten, this characteristic will be essential to the success of both Fortt’s play but the Nittany Lions defense as a whole.


One of the most sought after traits colleges look for in a linebacker is the ability to be blocked, then in an instant, shed the block and make the quick tackle. This feature was used many times in this game film which impressed me the most.


Of course it helps to be a running back on the other side of the ball as well. If Khairi Fortt can work to his potential during his tenure at Penn State, there is no doubt that we will soon see him at the top of draft boards all over the country.


Grade: A


Report: 2011 ATH- Quentin Gause- Bishop Kearney HS (NY)


In recruiting data around the Internet, Quentin Gause is labeled as an athlete. Athlete by definition is “a person possessing the natural or acquired traits or talents”. Because of these talents, he is not subjected to one single position on the Bishop Kearney football team. Instead, he plays running back, wide receiver, linebacker and kick returner. Quentin has all the right tools to be great at each of these positions. I will set this segment into the four positions he plays and evaluate each of them.

Running Back : Although at times it seemed he looked a little awkward running with the ball from the backfield, Gause still has the speed and monstrous strength to negate any tendencies that may have overlapped from other positions. Quentin’s speed is unrivaled out of the backfield in many of his runs. On film, he doesn’t seem overwhelmingly fast. But, do not be fooled by his long stride and upright stance, he is the real deal in terms of running the ball.

Wide Receiver :  The discomfort that Gause seem to have running the football that I had made a note of during his running back portion of the film seems to disappear when looking at him catching the ball. Catching routes 20+ yards downfield is extremely impressive, but his screen plays absolutely amaze me. Screens that seem to be dead at the line of scrimmage are quickly revived once the ball is shoveled to Gause. His vision downfield is exceptional during these plays as well.

Linebacker : Playing offensive positions such as running back and wide receiver greatly help a defensive player. The same is true for Gause, who has the unique ability to scan the beginning of an opposing teams play and explode toward the ball. If Quentin ever misses a read (rarely happens) he has that same speed used on the offensive side of the ball to make up ground that usually leads to some rattling hits set on the opposition.

Kick Return : Every talent Quentin Gause possesses is used to the maximum when returning kicks. He uses his speed to blow past defenders, brute strength to topple defenders and has the vision up field to find that perfect seam to make a big play.

The Verdict : Quentin Gause is easily one of the best overall athletes in the 2011 class. If Bishop Kearney needs him on almost every single down of their games, I know for a fact that he will find his place on a top tier, D-1 team. It will be interesting to see what he plans on playing in college and what the coaches recruiting him want Gause to play. That could play a huge factor into the direction of his commitment. You can never go wrong with a non-stop playmaker like Quentin Gause in your program.

College Choices: Notre Dame, Boston College, Penn State
Grade: A-

Report: 2011 WR-Darius Jennings -Gilman High School (MD)

  Darius Jennings- There is no doubt Darius Jennings is the premier speedster of the 2011 class. Of what I’ve seen from his tape, his cutbacks are extremely good. Jennings played quarterback and defensive back in high school. The offense literally revolved around him. Gilman used motion almost all year and ran Jennings out of the wildcat offense. His breakaway speed and cutback ability gave him great success through out the year. Not much can be said about his catching ability because the film he sent out to various outlets didn’t have any material of him making catches. While he may still be Gilman’s QB heading into next year, I anticipate him being more of an athlete to recruit than a wide receiver. Granted, he may be working on his receiving game over this off-season to prepare for a career as a wide out in college, but as of right now I would put him into the athlete category. Verdict: With proper training I believe that Darius Jennings could be one of the best playmakers in 2011. I see him as a kick/punt returner with the ability to run short to intermediate routes for his team. He has, and will continue to have a knack for finding an open lane to run.

College Choices as of 1/30/10: Boston College, Rutgers, Maryland

Grade: A-


Report: 2011 WR-Matt Zanellato-Fairfax (VA)

Matt Zanellato- What Matt Zanellato lacks in speed, he makes up for with jaw dropping catching ability. Because of both his height and catching skill he is a player that thrives in the red zone. His quarterback is very capable as well but at times all he has to do is give Zanellato a chance at the jump ball. More often than not, Zanellato delivers. Catching seems to come to Zanellato effortlessly and is capable of making those types of catches when he reaches the next level. Aforementioned, Zanellato has somewhat mediocre speed. Anytime he was able to get in the open field, it seemed that it was too easy for defenders to catch up. Verdict: Going into his senior year, much of his game is still an unknown. His lateral quickness has rarely been tested as well as his ability to cutback towards the middle of the field. His junior film is very impressive, but I don’t believe it is enough to have a coach give him a promised scholarship for 2011. I think he has to prove himself in the slightest to secure a spot on some of the biggest programs in the country. He has the skill to do it but we will see if he follows through.


College Choices as of 1/30/10: Boston College, Penn State, Virginia

Grade: B-/B


Report: 2011 RB-Kevin Monangai- Seton Hall Prep (NJ)

Kevin Monangai- Kevin is the first running backs I have evaluated for the 2011 recruiting class. His film was a great way to start evaluating the nation’s top running backs. Monangai attends Seton Hall prep in New Jersey and thrives in the system there. On his tape, the offensive formations were almost all triple option packages. Monangai set up as the back closest to the quarterback in almost every situation. Usually this position is used for very short yardage gains, but Monangai thrived in this position because of an amazing combination of speed and power. For a 5’11” running back, he is able to squat about 405 pounds. His game tape shows the trips to the weight room paid off. On every handoff, Kevin has the ability to break to the outside and subsequently make a huge play. Because he is in such a tight formation, Monangai must be able to stiff arm and break as many tackles as possible. His balance as a running back is astounding and his stiff arm ability is about as good as it gets. I haven’t seen a kid who loves the stiff arm as much as Mr. Monangai does. In addition to the stiff arm, Monangai uses his low center of gravity to run right through defenders. At times in his film, it took about 9 players to take down the back. That alone would make him a great bruiser for any D-1 school, but he also has another trait to add to his repertoire: His breakaway speed. The running back can stiff arm an opponent and yet with his amazing balance and speed, he can separate himself from the swarm of defenders. Verdict: With another year to prove him to even greater college programs I believe that Kevin will only get better in the offseason and during the season. Although at this point he seems invulnerable and has amazing stamina, I predict that he will commit to one of his many schools early on in the football season. With this tactic, Monangai has the ability to rest up if his team is not living up to expectations. He is a great back with great potential in almost any system in College Football. The summer programs he visits this summer should tell us more headed into his senior year. I will keep you updated


College Choices: Boston College, Rutgers, Cincinnati


Grade: A-


Report: 2011 QB-Erich Berzinskas- The Morgan School (CT)

With the first quarterback evaluation, I look at Erich Berzinskas. Erich is a 6’5” QB from The Morgan School in Connecticut. I checked out his film and I was extremely impressed by the various skills he possessed.


He has absolutely excellent mobility when outside of the pocket. When I first looked at his height and weight I automatically thought that he was a pocket quarter back and nothing else. I was quickly proved wrong by the second play on his film.


Making it even more impressive, he is 6’5”. While he does have great lateral quickness he also has amazing vertical speed. On some plays where he must scramble out of the pocket to make a play, it seems as if he eats up 10 yards in the blink of an eye. Adding on to his speed, when Berzinskas is outside the pocket he has great vision and is able to get the ball to seemingly any receiver on the field.


His throwing motion is absolutely effortless, and his deep balls glide through the air without any fluttering at all. This gives way to his passing accuracy which is very good but could use some polishing. He is spot on within 15 yards with his passes, but seems to lose his receivers a bit outside of 15 yards.


The Verdict: Erich Berzinskas is one of the best Northeast quarterbacks in the 2011 class and a top 30 quarterback in all of the country. He hasn’t received very much press coming out of Connecticut but with a very good summer showing there is no doubt he will see offers pouring in from D-1 stalwarts. Berzinskas has amazing potential with all his natural talents and with some work on his passing ability and mechanics, I believe he could very well be a premier quarterback at the next level.


College Choices: Boston College (Others not known at the moment)


Grade: B+

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