2010 Classes: Big East Breakdown - Greenhorn Prospect Report: Non-Stop College Football
Best Class- Although I really like Pitt's class (Esp. Anthony Gonzalez) I think Rutgers has the best class in the Big East. They closed their class extremely well. Jeremy Deering was a huge pick-up for the Knights beating out Florida State. Greg Schiano has gone all over the map to try and bring in the talent he has wanted this year. The offensive playmakers were the difference between a normal recruiting year and an outstanding one. Brandon Coleman will be extremely good once he gets his mechanics down and learns to run better routes.
Suprise Class-Louisville: After getting Charlie Strong on as a head coach, Louisville's class has skyrocketed. Michelee Harris is one of the best wide recievers in this class and having him going to Louisville was astonishing. Strong has sold a new look Cardinal team and has gotten some great talent espically on the O-Line. (Getting Harris Bivin)
Sleeper Class-UCONN: Despite getting very little in the way of star talent this year, I believe Randy Edsall is one of the best developers in the Big East. He will continue to develop talent as he always has.
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