National Signing Day - Greenhorn Prospect Report: Non-Stop College Football
Christmas for Christians
First Day of Hanukah for an anxious young boy
Ramadan without the worshiping

National Signing Day couldn't come here soon enough. Just when I was about to run out of material too....
But seriously, I will be posting the end days news stories right here and talking about them as well. I may get a few interviews in here too if I can. This will be the real coming out party for this Website. I will pull out all the stops for my readers. Im about to put in huge effort tomorrow to get you guys to stick around this site a little while. If you have any suggestions for this Holiday coming up contact me anyway possible. Im trying to possibly have a live blog but that may not happen. Just a NSD thread could do the trick. Anything you guys want. Your wish is my command.

P.S. please contact me for any Evals you would like me to make about any player of your liking with film.


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