2010 Classes: ACC Breakdown - Greenhorn Prospect Report: Non-Stop College Football
Best Class-FLA St. Florida State closed extremely well on their way to the first draft class of the Fisher era. Werner (DE from Germany) came as a huge suprise to me because I thought he was going to be a Duck. Adding other Defensive talent like Joyner and Luc will only help them for the upcoming season as well.
Suprise Class- Duke: Just last year I was predicting that Duke would put themselves in an even deeper hole this season. After proving me wrong once by putting together a decent 5-7 record together, they proved me wrong once again today. Their "Star" talent doesnt blow you away in the least, but I love how Cutcliffe has gone to the ends of the earth to find the talent he needs to build off a good season. I would never have expected Duke to go all the way to Cali and Texas to pull recruits but they ended up excelling in both states. They grabbed Brandon Connette who in my opinion could be a sleeper QB in the ACC with a redshirt year under his belt.
Sleeper Class- Boston College: BC rebounded after having a very tumultous recruiting season last year to having an extremely good one this year. Beating out Tennessee to nab Chase Rettig was huge and Shakim Phillips came as a suprise to every team recruiting him. Much of this class has the oppourtunity to redshirt (unlike last years class) and I believe that will help them greatly down the road.

Runners up in each category:
Sleeper-NC State
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