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Hope you guys are still enjoying some scouting material from the class of 2011 but the new Class of 2012 is nearly upon us. We're ready to get out there and put up some more material for you. I will throw the linkage right here to our new site as soon as it comes up.
I know, I know. I haven't been on the blog lately and if anyone cant wait for any of my blog posts there it is...

Recently, I have been caught in a whirlwind of sorts. While keeping up with the upcoming College Football season, I have recieved positions to write all over the web. Currently I write for Greenhorn (here) (1 year old recruiting website. Absolutely amazing) as well as blogging for the Raycom Sports Network. I also just got another job at where I will be blogging for them about BC football as well. I love writing more than anything, and all these positions are ways to boost my knowledge.

If anyone hasnt heard... I have my own podcast now. I absolutely love doing it. So far, we have had great guests and are still looking for guests to come on and talk all about College Football. Not to be concieted, but with this type of hard work, I hope to be headed to great places. Let me know if you would like to write any one of those places I mentioned, and if you have the passion, I could get you a position.

Get here fast and early.

Your humble servant

Greenhorn Prospects
While Austin, TX has overflowing commits from a number of high school juniors, I am in Vermont on vacation. Sadly, I still have to find time to write even during the vacation but no big deal. As I said on twitter, expect at least 3 articles to be done by Febuary 21.

Happy Valentines Day Ladies

Greenhorn Prospect Report
I know that some people say that College Football has no dead periods but I would love to respectfully disagree. Of course, NSD is thrilling to a fault because after 3 days of going over the winners and losers of the class. After that, we are subjected to speculating new coaching changes as we countdown to Spring Practice. I am suffering from severe CFB depression because for the next month I will have to pull a good amount of topics out of the air. (Just being honest) I'm looking forward to March 15th when most spring practices begin. Until then, I will try to entertain and enlighten my readers as often as possible
-Bait and Bite I was baffled when Demar Dorsey chose Michigan. Hopefully for Rich Rodriguez, it could potentially save his job
-International Aid: Bjoern Werner to FSU to help the leaky defense down in Tallahassee. (edit: No Longer leaky if all the recruits follow suit)
Academics are a Pain- If youre Seantrel Henderson, who committed to USC today but still has not officially cleared the dreaded clearinghouse.
Volunteer Work- at this recruiting Biz- After being told by his staff to give up on Da'Rick Rodgers (they thought he was 100% Bulldog) He decided to defy logic and met with Rodgers in Georgia. On National Signing Day, Mr. Rodgers chose to become a volunteer.
Last Quirky Title- Florida absolutely cleaned house despite Urban Meyer's health (or lack there of) and came out with a record setting National Signing Day. Congratulations to the Gator faithful.
Hope everyones favorite team did well today. Now onto 2011. Bring it on
Best Class- Although I really like Pitt's class (Esp. Anthony Gonzalez) I think Rutgers has the best class in the Big East. They closed their class extremely well. Jeremy Deering was a huge pick-up for the Knights beating out Florida State. Greg Schiano has gone all over the map to try and bring in the talent he has wanted this year. The offensive playmakers were the difference between a normal recruiting year and an outstanding one. Brandon Coleman will be extremely good once he gets his mechanics down and learns to run better routes.
Suprise Class-Louisville: After getting Charlie Strong on as a head coach, Louisville's class has skyrocketed. Michelee Harris is one of the best wide recievers in this class and having him going to Louisville was astonishing. Strong has sold a new look Cardinal team and has gotten some great talent espically on the O-Line. (Getting Harris Bivin)
Sleeper Class-UCONN: Despite getting very little in the way of star talent this year, I believe Randy Edsall is one of the best developers in the Big East. He will continue to develop talent as he always has.
Best Class-FLA St. Florida State closed extremely well on their way to the first draft class of the Fisher era. Werner (DE from Germany) came as a huge suprise to me because I thought he was going to be a Duck. Adding other Defensive talent like Joyner and Luc will only help them for the upcoming season as well.
Suprise Class- Duke: Just last year I was predicting that Duke would put themselves in an even deeper hole this season. After proving me wrong once by putting together a decent 5-7 record together, they proved me wrong once again today. Their "Star" talent doesnt blow you away in the least, but I love how Cutcliffe has gone to the ends of the earth to find the talent he needs to build off a good season. I would never have expected Duke to go all the way to Cali and Texas to pull recruits but they ended up excelling in both states. They grabbed Brandon Connette who in my opinion could be a sleeper QB in the ACC with a redshirt year under his belt.
Sleeper Class- Boston College: BC rebounded after having a very tumultous recruiting season last year to having an extremely good one this year. Beating out Tennessee to nab Chase Rettig was huge and Shakim Phillips came as a suprise to every team recruiting him. Much of this class has the oppourtunity to redshirt (unlike last years class) and I believe that will help them greatly down the road.

Runners up in each category:
Sleeper-NC State
I will post full thoughts at 2:30 but until then head over to ESPN live blog
I have decided that instead of doing my 2nd QB evaluation for the Atlantic East, I will wait for Chris Hall to get some film up. I will go as scheduled from then on beginning with Athlete evals. Then LB evals

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